stem-cellTooth Banking is the storing of dental stem cells. When your child’s tooth or your own tooth falls out or is extracted, dental stem cells are harvested from the dental pulp within the tooth. These cells within the pulp are a valuable source of highly regenerative stem cells. These dental stem cells are preserved indefinitely by being cryogenically frozen.

Why bank Teeth?

Why do we save money for our children’s education? So that they can have the best possibilities for a successful career. Why do we spend money on our children’s extracurricular activities? So that they can do what they love and experience lifetime memories and accomplishments. So why would we bank our children’s teeth? So that they can have the best possible chance at a healthy future. Banking dental stem cells gives your children the ability to take advantage of stem cell therapies of today and those that emerge in the future. No parent wants their children to get sick or become disease stricken. So take advantage of medical benefits today that can provide cutting edge treatments for tomorrow.

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Economical Benefits

  • Affordable Annual Storage Fees compared to the competition
  • Free cell multiplication if needed
  • Stem Cells stored in two separate locations
  • Free Shipping
  • Less than your Children’s other fees (Athletics, Education, etc.)
  • Annual Storage Fee is locked-in and will not increase.
  • Lab Processes 7 days a week.